About us

Some people believe the old days were better, but we believe we can make the present and future even better. Through the past we want to create new memories for the future. We love clothes and fashion, and we know a quality piece when we see it. We search for timeless classics and forgotten gems. The majority of our vintage pieces are handpicked from Italy and North America. Our pieces are generally from the 80's, 90's and some from the early 2000's. 

Good clothes have great stories. Our clothes have great stories, but we don't think their stories should end just yet. We believe in circular fashion and quality clothing that last several lifetimes. 

We are taking a stand against fast fashion and its effects on our planet. Our goal is to offer carefully selected and curated vintage clothes as a way to combine cool style and the choice to contribute to our planet through more sustainable fashion. We encourage you to join this movement by buying vintage and/or high quality second hand clothes and be an active part of change.